March 14, 2011

First Wagon! - a review

I got this On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon from Amazon last week during one of their Lightning Goldbox Deals and I must say it is everything it said it was. It came already put together and folded up in a very compact size and I was able to get it out of the box and put the little girl in the wagon within 3 minutes.

Our 8 month old little girl had her first wagon ride on Sunday since it was such a lovely day and she absolutely loved every minute of it. It was so much more spacious than her stroller and she was able to roll around and play and even wanted to take a nap in it as we pulled her along. She thought it was her new moving crib.
It pulled very well and we also tried pushing it which was just as easy and the wagon seemed to roll over grass, concrete sidewalk and a paved street without any issues. I love the long handle as I am 6'4" and I didn't have to lean down at all to pull her. I also love the handle clip that allows you to keep the handle in the upright position when not in use. There is also a nifty little basket on the back for things like a cooler or a diaper bag.

I can't testify as to the longevity of the product as we just got it but as far as ease of use and convenience it doesn't get any better. To be able to fold it up so easily and compact was a must for us as our garage is already too full plus we also wanted a wagon we could travel with. So this fits that purpose very nicely.

My wife really loved the canopy and it was also very simple to put on. Simply raise the four corner rods and pull the canopy out of the pocket in the front of the wagon, unfold and place it on top. No snaps, buttons or hooks to deal with of any kind just the simple taught pressure of the fabric keeps the canopy on. Again this being new, I don't know if the fabric, as it gets older, will begin to stretch and lose some of it's tightness around the 4 poles which could then lead to issues with the canopy staying on in higher winds.

My little girl has not yet learned to walk, crawl or pull herself up so I may be singing a different tune about the wagon when she does since there no straps on the wagon of any kind for child restraint. This would be the only downside I could see for the wagon except maybe I exceed the weight limit and therefore can't ride in it myself.

Overall for $85 this is one of my better purchases for our daughter and I am well pleased.

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