July 25, 2011

Thrift Store Finds....

This weekend was the Grand Opening of Missions Thrift Store.  It will be open open two Saturdays per month at my church and the proceeds go to missions trips.  Olivia's twin from another mother and his mother invited us to come along with them for some shopping fun and here are my finds:

The Olivia-sized adirondack chair and table up top were a cute find for $20.

This Caterpillar Rocking Toy apparently retails new for $90 but I rescued him for a cool $7.50!  He's seen better days but I think once I take a vaccum to him and spot clean, he'll be good as used!  LOL!  Of course one of his antennaes is coming unsewn and he's missing foot rests and some little toy that goes in his back pocket but hey, who needs all that stuff??

And, a bread box for $5.  Wow, Shannon, that's a really BIG bread box!  Why yes it is but it won't be for long because I've got plans for this baby that do not involve bread!!  Stay tuned.....

Also, I finally finished something I've been wanting to get to for a while - a hairbow holder for the little girl.  She is finally getting some length on her hair so I wanted the bows to be out so I'll remember to use them.  I  bought the O plain and painted it green to match her room  and bought the jungle animals ribbon, which did not photograph well ,  to go with.  (Note:  I have since moved this to her room and it is against yellow paint there and I think it looks better - I'll have to take another pic soon!)

July 19, 2011

Serious Transformation....

Today my fabulous sister-in-law worked her Martha Stewart magic and transformed our office/crafting/junk room/guest room (yes, it's all in one room!) and our kitchen pantry.  Just to be fair I should tell you that some of the work you see in the after was done by me before her visit so all of this was not done in one day but these are still accurate befores and afters for the areas overall.  Here are some pics that will amaze you!

First up is an overall shot of the office, before and after:

Next is my bookcase, before and after:

Now, the office closet, before and after:

Plus a pic of my new pegboard that is over my sewing/crafting desk which my wonderful hubby spray painted and hung for me (this color does not seem to photograph well but in person it's really nice):

And, lastly, the pantry, before and after:

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