July 19, 2011

Serious Transformation....

Today my fabulous sister-in-law worked her Martha Stewart magic and transformed our office/crafting/junk room/guest room (yes, it's all in one room!) and our kitchen pantry.  Just to be fair I should tell you that some of the work you see in the after was done by me before her visit so all of this was not done in one day but these are still accurate befores and afters for the areas overall.  Here are some pics that will amaze you!

First up is an overall shot of the office, before and after:

Next is my bookcase, before and after:

Now, the office closet, before and after:

Plus a pic of my new pegboard that is over my sewing/crafting desk which my wonderful hubby spray painted and hung for me (this color does not seem to photograph well but in person it's really nice):

And, lastly, the pantry, before and after:

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  1. Amazing!!!! What an awesome feeling that must be! That would make me sooo happy!!