October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

For Halloween I made Olivia a cute shirt to wear to daycare and she got to put on her costume with all the other kids and march around the school (inside, since it poured cats and dogs!).  Mark was out of town so I decided against trick or treating and opted instead for a quick dinner at McDonald's and then home for a good night's rest!

October: Fall Fun

Olivia had her first trip to Hill Ridge Farms this year and she enjoyed it.  We did not get to stay very long because we got there a little late and had an event to attend that evening but here are a few pictures:

Other October events included me roasting pumpkins for the first time and a Halloween shirt for Olivia (I also did the pumpkin shirt in the pics up top).

October 21, 2011

Fall Friendship Swap Box Arrived!

I was so excited today when I got home and there was a box for ME!  Anyone who knows my house knows that packages arrive on a daily basis but they are rarely for me so this was VERY exciting!

My Fall Friendship Swap partner was Angela from Kentucky.  Angela sent me a box full of goodies and a sweet note.  I think my favorite thing was all the fun fall leaves that she put inside - I can't wait to re-purpose those in the living room!!  Here are a couple pics!

Here's what was in my box:
The Thanksgiving 101 edition of Family Circle - yay recipes!!!!!!!
A sweet little leather bag - so so soft!
Two spreaders with pumpkins on them
A purse-sized calendar for next year
Werther's candies - yum!
Eye shadow and lip gloss tubs
A plug in fragrance diffuser with an apple pie scent...mmmmm!  and,
Green Fresh Bags which are going to come in handy since I just got a big box of produce today

Thank you Angela and thank you Kristin for hosting!!!!!

October 12, 2011


Olivia and I visited the Missions Thrift Store again this past Saturday.  Mostly we got pants for her since the weather is changing and she is growing!  But, I did get one fun thing for her - this wooden thing (have no idea what it actually was supposed to be) was a steal for $6.  I would like to eventually do something creative like perhaps a little curtain over the bottom opening or cut out a square from the top and create a fake sink but for now this is sitting in our kitchen so Olivia can pretend to prepare food while I am doing the same!

Here, Olivia is enjoying the little table set I found the last time I went to the thrift store!

I love shopping there and knowing I am getting a good deal and that I am also helping our church's missions department at the same time.  

polka dots & snails

As I continue to work on my sewing/applique/embroidery skills I am beginning to put things in place for when I feel ready to begin listing my work online.  This past week I was very blessed to come in contact with Marie of autumns creek through my membership at Applique Forum.  Marie designed an awesome logo for me that I am very excited to be able to share now.

October 05, 2011

It's Fall Ya'll!

I have never been one of those people who decorates for the seasons (except Christmas of course) but now, with a 15 month old, I want to do at least a little something so we can start some traditions.  I am doing a tiny fall display and here are the first two items to make their appearance - a baby Olivia-sized pumpkin and the candy corns I've been working on!!  I found the tutorial here.

Stay tuned, I will be adding a candy dish and some fall subway art soon!

Also, I am excited to be participating for the first time in the Fall Friendship Swap!  I started working on some things last night for my swap partner but of course I won't be able to post them until after I mail them off!