January 12, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

We took our second trip to Great Wolf Lodge in early January.  We have enjoyed both of our trips to the Concord, NC location but have agreed that the next time we are able to go we would like to check out the Williamsburg, VA location.  Each time we've gone to Concord we have ended up at IKEA and spent more time than we expected, missing out on prime water park time.  So, in the future we will try to separate Great Wolf Lodge trips from IKEA trips!  Here are some pictures from our trip.  This was the first time Olivia ever went bowling.  She was not nearly as interested as we had hoped but that was likely because of the huge game room next door that she saw on her way in.  We also made sure she visited the Cub Club before we left.  She talked for two days before we arrived about wanting to make a necklace there!

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