August 23, 2010

A New Beginning

Today our Daughter is 2 months old and I feel like we are at a new beginning with her as over the last 2 days and nights she has metamorphosed into a totally new baby. We have had a rough start of it as new parents but we have learned a lot over the last two months. At first it was a failure to thrive due to several compounding factors and then it was a baby who seemed almost inconsolable needing to be held almost constantly, not sleeping except for short spurts at night and drank so much more formula than one would think possible.

All the classes we attended and the books we read really didn't prepare us for what we were up against. We both love Olivia so much and it was tearing my wife to pieces that we couldn't seem to help this little baby, who was so totally dependent on us, be content. Shannon and I tried just about everything and Shannon seemed to be the one to bear the brunt of it as I at least had my work to go to. But Shannon stayed home holding, rocking and feeding this baby all day long forgoing her own needs such as food, rest and personnel hygiene for a good part of the last 2 months. I got my share but only in 4 hour doses during the weeknight evenings and then for a greater part on the weekends. But poor Shannon was in the thick of it and was wrecked with guilt and depression because she could not seem to help this poor baby find the solace she so badly needed.

Our baby about 3 weeks ago was diagnosed with Reflux, a condition common in babies and fortunately usually only temporary caused by their still developing digestive track. Olivia was put on Zantac and showed signs of hope at first but then it was back to her old self which really hit hard on my wife since she had felt that glimmer of hope. The doctor who diagnosed Olivia with Reflux told us to not change formulas again after we had already changed twice prior for no other reason than we had various samples and another doctor in the practice said it would be OK. Shannon kept Olivia on the same formula for another week but her motherly instinct kicked in and she made a formula change to one created for babies with sensitive tummies. She took Olivia back to see a pediatrician but it again was a different one and this doctor said stay the course with the Zantac although everything in Shannon's gut told her we needed something tougher for Olivia. This past Wednesday Shannon got in to see the original doctor who diagnosed Olivia with Reflux and he agreed that Olivia needed something stronger. So we began the switch on Wednesday from Zantac to Prilosec giving both for 3 days then cutting out the Zantac after Friday.

Then Friday night a miracle happened. Our sweet baby Olivia slept through the night and on Saturday she was like a different baby altogether. She was happy and content, taking naps during the day and generally being a sweet little baby. This new revelation shocked us. We literally didn't know what to do as we had not seen this side of Olivia. My wife was giddy with joy and I was happy to see her smile again. This was after all the happiest I have seen Shannon since the birth of our daughter. Could this be a fluke, is it going to be just like with Zantac and only last a day or two or is this change here to stay were all thoughts rushing through our head. Well Saturday night came and Olivia slept once again through the night and then again today we have a happy and content normal little baby girl.

I know that our trials are nothing in comparison to what some parents have to face when their beloved baby has to face a major medical problem but I can certainly understand now having gone through this how they can be so thankful to God for every moment with them. It would have been so easy to just write Olivia off as a fussy or high needs baby and just make the best of it but my wife was determined to do what was right for Olivia and that meant investigating every possible option. Spending the time with her, consoling and loving her even though some times she seemed inconsolable. She didn't give up hope or her faith in God. She new that with his help Olivia would prevail to be the baby she was meant to be.

So now 2 months into this Parenthood experience we have a new beginning thanks to medical Science and our Heavenly Father giving that knowledge to the doctors and my wife's perseverance on behalf of our child. We now get to experience Olivia's real personality, one not hindered by her Reflux and it is exciting indeed.

Happy 2 months Little Girl! Mommy and Daddy Love you!

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