September 20, 2010

I want to be an Mom

In case you were not aware Amazon has been running a 15% off bonus on their Subscribe and Save option for diapers and wipes the last couple of months making it 30% off instead of the usual 15% and of course since it's subscribe and save it also meant free 2 day shipping.

The 30 % off for me as a parent trying to save money has been great but what really made this an awesome deal was that Amazon has been putting 20% off coupons on Diapers and Wipes in the last 2 months of both Parents and Parenting magazines. When they added the ability to stack coupons on top of the Subscribe and Save discount, the savings for us were outstanding as compared to anywhere else, even the local warehouse clubs..

Another savings bonus is that Amazon also occasionally has coupons in their grocery section for $1 to $3 off the brand of diapers we use, Pampers and it too is stackable. The only draw back on the coupons use are that they are one time use only and also limited to the purchase of one item at that additional 20% off discount savings. So I have to buy multiple magazines or get a friend who has the magazines to give me the inserts to repeat the savings. And if I wanted to use the Amazon grocery coupon on the Pampers more than once, it requires me to open use a multiple accounts.
If this savings alert is not new to you and the fact that the 20% off coupons from the magazines were stackable with the Subscribe and Save Discount then maybe the fact that some of the coupons codes in the magazine are also stackable with each other might be news. If I have coupon codes starting with different first letter in the coupon code then chances are they can be stacked together. So for a savings example, on already discounted box of Pamper Size 1 188 count diapers at $40 with the additional savings could they can end up being $9 a box or $0.5 a diaper. The really cool part is that all the percent offs are caculated based off the $40 price. So I thought my $.05 a diaper average for Walgreen Brand Diapers was great but getting that good a price on name brand diapers makes me even more excited.

There are a lot of people online who are even trading the coupons with each other so that they can get codes starting with different letters. So if I have 2 W codes and I need an A code I just trade with someone who has an extra A code and needs a W code. If I have enough coupon codes and want to repeat the deal I just use another accounts we have for like maybe my wife's account.
Drum Roll Please and the point of this whole post ...............................................

That was great, but now has really surpassed themselves and have taken that bonus 30% off Subscribe and Save discount and combined it into new program that they call Amazon Mom and it is totally free. So in addition to the 30% off Subscribe and Save bonus I will also get 3 months of Amazon Prime (free 2 Day Express Shipping) as well as other exclusive benefits. Again, did I mention it was Free! Well, the caveat being that after 3 months the Amazon Prime benefits expire but of course they have given me a way to extend it by a month for every $25 in baby items I spend in a single order, with the ability of earning up to a year of free Amazon Prime.

The real kicker for me on all my baby items is that they have a wonderful 365 day return policy with free return shipping. This means that if I go crazy and order too much of one particular size diapers, which of course I have done, I can return the unopened box for free up to a year later.

Check it out for yourself

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