September 29, 2010

The 3 month Wiggle

One of the joys of Olivia's 3rd month has to be the wiggling. During this third month the cries have begun to subside in frequency only to be replaced by various joyful vocalizations and lots of wiggling. She still seems to express herself just as much as before but it is just that now she has found alternative means of doing so with vocalizations other than crying. To many parents these Ahhs, Oo's and the occasional loud squeal are welcomed with delight as they are with me but what I really like is our little girl's wiggle.

She doesn't just vocalize, she wiggles too and oh how cute she is when she does. Momma and I know just the thing to amp up all the vocalizations and a wiggling and that is our nightly routine of changing her into the pajamas where we have discovered that Olivia really likes belly rubs most importantly belly rubs with her super soft giraffe patterned blanket with a cute little giraffe head. After taking off her dirty clothes from the day and changing her into a clean diaper we drape this little blanket over her chest and begin to rub her belly with it. And thus begins her little wiggle dance that brings so much joy and delight to me. Then we put her into her pajamas, fit her with tiny little mittens, give her the Prilosec and Mommy then dims the lights to give the bedtime bottle gently rocking her to sleep afterwards.

While Mommy is busy putting the baby to bed I begin the process of making the formula and bottles for the next day thinking about how wonderful a little girl we have and what a cute little wiggle. I then start to think about how much I can't wait to see her the next day and enjoy her wiggle just a little bit more.

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