October 01, 2010

My Wife's Hair Coloring

OK so I am blessed with a low maintenance wife so much so that when we got married and started looking at our our expenses she agreed to forgo getting her hair colored at a salon as she had been accustomed and to color her hair herself at home with a purchased kit. So I have been informed that when she buys a $15 hair coloring kit that includes both color and highlights and she doesn't have time to do the highlights I am not to begrudge the extra expense for the unused highlights. This is because when compared to the cost of getting it done at a Salon the extra cost for the highlights is negligible and this kit is the only one that has the color she likes and also doesn't cause a dermatological allergic reaction.

Needless to say though for me, being the bargain hound that I am, I thought there had to be a better way. So I recently began looking at a way to save money on the coloring she uses, especially since half the kit didn't get used most of the time. Through my searching on the Internet I discovered that there was a market place seller on called American Beauty that just so happened to sell the exact same hair coloring kit Shannon uses L'Oreal Couleur Experte Easy 2-in-1 Color + Highlights 5.1 Truffle Medium Ash Brown and for the low low price of $4.99 plus shipping. All the other hair color shades made in that brand and style were full price so I guess it was meant to be that were were to save on this particular product. The seller had 8 boxes so I pounced and purchased all 8 to help spread the cost of shipping out. The final cost for each kit shipped was $6.18 saving us more than half the retail price for this kit. So now my wife and I have found a happy medium addressing my concerns about the extra cost of the unused highlights and her needs for coloring for at least the next year.

Now we just have to decide where are going to put all these hair coloring kits. Fortunately this is a smaller item but sometimes the cost savings of buying an item in bulk doesn't logically benefit a person when compared to the cost of storage space in your home. Yet I find myself still buying Toilet Paper and Paper Towels in bulk out of fear never letting the supply dwindle as if running out of such things would upset the balance of the universe.

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  1. Way to go on finding those deals! But Mark, I have to give you a hard time about this. :) As a 35 year old woman who has had to color her hair since the age of 24 due to premature grays and who also puts forth quite a bit of effort to be as low-maintenance as possible, don't you ever give Shannon a hard time about that $15 again. :) Yes, the salons are terribly expensive (I have to color ever 4 weeks, so really--I understand). And if you can find the right haircolor to do it yourself, then you have hit the jackpot because it is not easy to find a color that looks so "natural". Once you find the color you like, it is a risk to experiment. Trust me on this. So.....continue to turn a blind eye to the wasted highlights. Pretend they don't exist. And thank God and your wife that she has made a very sweet concession to not have the salon color her hair. $15 is so much better than $150. Really.

    Thanks for letting me rib you about this. :)