October 29, 2010

Babylegs 75% Off! a company that sells these utterly cute leg warmers, tights and socks is currently offering 75% off any order $75 or more when you purchase items from their Costume selection. Enter code SPOOK75 at checkout. Shipping is FREE.

I was very giddy when I found out and I bought 7 pairs late last night for $20.50 shipped. They had a few none Halloween looking ones which were the ones I bought. Some have sold out so the selection now is getting very limited so if interested act quickly. I think our daughter Olivia is going to love these and they well help keep her warm and protect her little legs when she starts to crawl. Shannon probably thinks I am crazy and is not too sure what to make about them but I just adore them.

Here is one of the pairs I bought called Candy Apples

I am also very tempted to try out one of these WooBee Blankets which they have on sale right now with an additional 25% off using in code WOOBEE25 and also free shipping. I really would like the Cow Pattern one to go with Olivia's new Cow Pattern Car Seat.

To See they 3 different types and determine which one is right for you go to

Or if you are already familiar with them you may go here to shop directly.

They normally range from $30 to $64 and now with the discount are going from $18 to $36.

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