October 05, 2010

Amazon Gift Card Savings

If you happen to have an Amazon Chase Visa Rewards Card now is a great time to stock up on Amazon gift cards for Christmas or even if you plan on making a purchase on Amazon yourself in the near future. This is because when you use your Amazon Rewards Visa card to purchase $50 or more in Amazon gift cards from during the month of October you will receive a 5% gift card bonus credited to your account in November. This is in addition to the usual 3 points reward for using your Amazon Visa Reward card to make an an purchase. That is like getting 8% off after rewards points and gift card bonus at which is very nice indeed. They have capped the max bonus at $100 per Visa Rewards card but that just means you would have to buy more than $2000 worth of gift cards before reaching the limit of the rewards available. That is a lot of gift cards which will only be an issue for folks trying to buy really big ticket items like a new 3D LED TV or prepaying for your entire year of purchases on or if you have a really long Christmas Gift List. I really do not have this problem but still I like the additional savings on the small amount of purchases I am going to make from anyways so it works out nice for me too.

Check it out for yourself if here for the full details

Also, remember if your planning on buying those discounted diapers I mentioned in an earlier blog post by becoming an Mom you may want to buy a gift card first with your Rewards Visa and then use the gift card to pay for the diapers to get the most savings.

One word of caution. I do not recommend ever using a credit card to obtain a deal unless you already have the money in hand to pay the card off when the bill comes at the end of the month and can also afford to spend the money without harming your family finances. It is simply not worth saving 5% only end up paying the credit card company 19% interest on that purchase down the road. ALWAYS USE YOUR CREDIT CARD RESPONSIBLY.

I know we will be giving out a lot more gift cards this year to thanks to this deal on I think I might be becoming an addict. I will have to find some deals not on in the near future.

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