October 22, 2010

Here I Grow

Olivia is 4 months old today!  This morning she woke up (very early) at about the same time we hauled ourselves to WakeMed Labor & Delivery 4 months ago so I guess she is going to be a stickler about celebrating special occasions on time!

I asked Olivia about her 4th month of life and here is what she had to say:

Favorite Food:  Formula...mmmmm, give me some more!  I get 33 oz per day and on some days I might even ask for more.  I take after both Mommy and Daddy where my appetite is concerned.  I am really getting interested in the things I see them putting into their mouths and am wondering when I will get to do the same.  Mommy gave me a wooden baby spoon this week and I stuck it straight into my mouth so she would know that I am ready for the real thing!

Favorite Games:  The one where Daddy lets me dance, the one where Mommy lays next to me and we talk to each other - I tell her about my day and she tells me about hers, and oh, my new favorite one - the one where I trick Mommy into changing my stinky diaper but I'm not really done yet!  I also like the game where Daddy takes me out on Saturdays to let Mommy sleep more - we spend a long time together and I love it!

Favorite Songs:  Mommy's made-up songs are my favorite - I particularly like the one about boogers in my nose and the other one about how snuggly I am all day long.

Favorite Toys:  I love my elephant play gym downstairs and I am really warming up to this new teething blanket toy I just got.  Oh and how can I forget Mommy's favorite toy - the Crawl 'N' Go Snail?  She loves that thing so I humor her by letting her play it over and over again.  I think I'll like it more when I can crawl after it. 

Least Favorite Thing:  My teeth are trying to come through the gum and it hurts.  I wake up early a lot and when Mommy reaches into the crib I try to gnaw on her hand.  Why couldn't I have been born with my teeth already through my gums?  I think I will ask Jesus that when I get to Heaven.

On Monday I go to the Pediatrician and get weighed and measured so stay tuned for more 4 month details.  I am also supposed to get my 4 month shots but I didn't really care for the 2 month shots so I'm working on an escape plan.  I think both Mommy and Daddy are coming with me so it's going to take some real strategy on my part.

Oh, and below is a video that Mommy took of me this week. 

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