October 29, 2010

Random Friday

It has been a busy week with a teething baby!  Olivia's very first tooth made its appearance on Wednesday morning so starting Tuesday night and since it has been REALLY difficult to get her to sleep at night.  She is so pitiful it just about breaks my heart.  We are giving her baby Tylenol and orajel, teething rings, frozen washcloths, etc. but she is in pain.  Fortunately once she gets to sleep she stays asleep but I've been getting to bed myself much later than usual so I am VERY tired!!

So, all week I've had thoughts of things I wanted to blog about but no time to actually blog so today I'm calling this Random Friday because these things are scattered like the theme at all here! is a website where you can sign up to become a reviewer of new products.  I read about this on She Saved, one of my favorite websites for finding deals.  So, if you click the link I will get more "smiles" and be eligible for more product reviews - so go there if you'd like to sign up too!

DEALS of the week: 
  • Free king-size TWIX from Murphy USA (sign up on their website to get discounts on gas)
  • The Christmas address labels and homemade gift enclosure cards from Overnight Prints came in the mail and are just adorable - I only paid shipping!
  • The free Snapfish photobook I mentioned here arrived several weeks ago and the very next day I spilled a bottle of water on it.  Since it was a soft cover it was ruined and I was so upset.  Mark called Snapfish and they offered to replace it at no charge - THANK YOU Snapfish
  • Also, Snapfish currently has two codes through October 31 that will get you 20 free 4x8 photocards - you can read more here.  I hope to get some photos of Olivia in her cow costume this weekend so I can order these just before the clock expires!
  • I used my extra care bucks I talked about here plus manufacturer coupons to get my shampoo and conditioner at CVS for a much lower price than usual (I have to use more expensive ones because I am allergic to so many chemicals) and got $5 more extra care bucks!  I heart CVS!  If you are not currently saving at CVS or using extra care bucks and want to learn more go to my most favorite website for deals to learn how.
Speaking of deals, I want to tell you about a new ministry I am blessed to be involved in at my church.  Clipping for a Cause is about using our coupon know-how to help others.   Did you know that every week you can get food items for $1 or less at the grocery store by combining coupons with a sale price?  Clipping for a Cause marries couponing with  helping those in need and is based on Proverbs 22:9  "A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor."  I am so excited for an opportunity to use my administrative and deal finding skills to help someone else.  It is wonderful to get deals for my own family but even more precious to be able to get them for someone who really needs it!


  1. That's pretty cool, and I could definitely use your assistance with that!! I'm about to look into some of the things you suggested in this post!


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