December 02, 2010

Let's talk about Christmas cards...

It's the time of year when we begin asking ourselves what to do about the annual Christmas card.  Should we get boxed cards, write a Christmas letter or take a Christmas photo and paste it inside a card?  Decisions, decisions....

Personally I like to take as much of the work out of it as possible!  If you are like me then can I be bold and suggest an idea to you?  Shutterfly!  Have you used Shutterfly before?  If not, now is definitely the time to try it out.  I use Shutterfly for anything I want to look really nice.  I have used it for countless cards and photobooks.  I posted one of my favorite projects recently and I wanted to share the Christmas card we designed for our first married Christmas as well but it has been discontinued so I cannot post a link to it - boo!  It was cute though!

So, I'd like to show you a few designs that I think are worthy of your consideration -

For those who cannot decide between doing a Christmas card or Christmas letter -
there is a hybrid available!

For those who want to share about their family but not in letter format,
here's a very playful option

For those with larger families,
here is one that spotlights each member

Shutterfly also has a selection of faith-based cards but honestly,
you can make most any of their cards reflect your beliefs
because of the personalization each one offers.

So, as you can see there is something for everyone at Shutterfly - that's why I love it so!  AND, if you have a blog there is an opportunity here to get 50 free holiday cards for yourself (hence the reason I am posting this entire blog about Shutterfly's holiday cards though seriously, I do love them and would use them even if there were no free cards!)

I am looking forward to designing mine soon.  I am always excited to get my products in the mail - Shutterfly photo cards and books ook so professional!  So, check Shutterfly out and see what you think! 

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