December 30, 2010

What's in Shannon's freezer today?

So, I've been making my own baby food for about 2 months now and I am totally in love with it.  It just makes me feel good.  As I've said before there is nothing wrong with jarred baby food I am just enjoying this as a creative outlet right now in this season of my life.

Up until the past week Olivia would eat a little bit of solids, about one cube two times per day.  Since her 6 month birthday though it's like she finally gets it!  She has increased that to three cubes two or three times per day so I've been working on adding to her palate and increasing my freezer stock.  Right now I need to make sweet potatoes and green beans again but here is what my current stock of veggies looks like spread out on the counter (along with the fabulous "cookbook" that my brother and his wife got me for Christmas), and then in my freezer (the two green topped trays and the container behind them) and lastly, the newest food Olivia will be trying this week - bananas!

The current tally of foods that Olivia has tried includes:
-sweet potatoes - yum
-butternut squash - yum yum
-green peas - yum
-green beans - yum only when mixed with something else
-pumpkin - yum
-avocado - no yum
-boxed baby cereal - no yum
-carrots - yum


  1. I have made carrots but haven't tried them yet. Green beans are a big fat no in Rickybear's book. He isn't a fan of peas, either, but will eat them with some pear mixed in. We haven't tried pumpkin or boxed cereal.

    I think Olivia will like bananas. Huge hit over here. Also made some more yellow squash last night and lil man ate so much I thought his belly button was going to pop out. I had to stop him and he was so mad when I took it away.

    We will try spaghetti squash and acorn squash this week.

    I have also moved from making apple and pear purees to applesauce and pearsauce (??).

    I saw Melissa is already feeding Kathryn table food. My baby can't even eat puffs, lol. Maybe she started solid sooner than we did. He has been on solids for 5 weeks now, but he is nowhere near ready for table food. Also, he has no teeth yet, lol. Hope Olivia's 3rd pops easily.

  2. I love making Westin's baby food too. He wasn't really a fan of avocado either until I mixed it with banana. Now a cube of avocado and a cube of banana mixed is his favorite! Maybe Olivia will like that.

    Westin has one of those Scentsy buddies and he loves it too! :)