November 01, 2011

November No Eating Out Challenge: Day 1

Along with a group of my June Mommies (ladies I met online through BabyFit who all had babies around the same time I had Olivia), I am participating in a No Eating Out Challenge.  The point of the challenge is to cut back on eating out.  Since Mark has been traveling for work a lot I have been eating out a ton especially breakfast and lunch since those are times when I haven't planned anything and I am often running late for work or out at lunch on errands.  I doubt I will blog all my meals - I am not a food blogger, that is for sure - but I'll try to post a few here and there for those that might be interested and also to keep myself accountable.  My goal is to limit my eating out to one lunch and one dinner during the work week.  The weekends are a little unpredictable but I will be attempting to meal plan for those as well.

Tonight I prepped a lunch for the first time in eons!

This is the innards of Bean Burritos made with tiny bell peppers and cherry tomatoes from our recent Produce Box delivery, onion, Pampered Chef Southwest Seasoning Mix and mashed canned black beans.  I am serving this with whole wheat tortillas, cheese, and sour cream.  I am loosely planning my meals using The Fresh20, a menu planning service that is based on fresh foods, which I've been subscribing to for a couple months.

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