November 10, 2011

Wine & Design

A sweet friend contacted me a few weeks ago with the opportunity to go to Wine & Design in downtown Raleigh for the evening.  Wine & Design is relatively new to this area but growing really fast.  A new one has recently opened even closer to me in Wake Forest.  Hopefully I'll get to check it out at some point as well.

Wine & Design is essentially an art studio where you can go empty handed and walk out a couple hours later with a beautiful picture that you have painted yourself.  They obviously encourage bringing WINE also!  I did not have time to pick any up but some other classmates kindly shared with me.

When you look at the calendar to schedule your Wine & Design evening you can actually see a small photo of the planned painting for the night.  On our evening Koi Fish were planned.

This is my canvas with the background completed:

And, here it is with the green lily pads with seaweed effects (yes, I am well aware that my lily pads are gigantic) and beginnings of my Koi fish.  Note, my sweet friend is there behind my canvas checking us in on Facebook!

And, finally my finished product:

Do you notice anything?  Everyone else is GONE!!!  My perfectionist side really came out - I needed MORE WINE!  I just could not get happy with those fish to save my life!  I kept going back and adding more color, making it lighter, darker, etc.  Oy!  Finally, I just gave up!  I am really happy with my painting now but that night I just wanted it to be perfect like the one the artist did (canvas on right is her completed version)!

Disclaimer:  I was provided with free admission to Wine & Design for one evening as part of a Blogger Shout Out but all of the above opinions are mine alone.

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