February 24, 2014

Food Experiments

I continue to experiment with various recipes with hopes of developing a rotation of meals and snacks that fit my dietary goals. Lately I have just been, well, depressed. There really is no other way to put it. I am having trouble leaving junk food and fillers (high carb sides like rice, pasta, potatoes) behind so I have gained back the weight I lost and my blood glucose levels have been elevated. Meal planning, which has always been hard for me, has become impossible but I press on.....

These Coconut Flour Pancakes were definitely not like my usual Bisquick box version but they were not horrible. Mine came out thin, not at all like the picture on the website, but the flavor was okay. I had them with regular maple syrup since I have not yet found a lower carb alternative.

These Zucchini Chips were a tad spicy to me so
I will lessen the smoked paprika next time. They also shrink considerably after baking.

This Feta Stuffed Meatloaf with Cucumber Sauce was surprisingly a winner. Mark and I both liked it....Olivia wouldn't touch it but she is a little on the picky side right now. I did make a Greek Pilaf as a side to this which defeats the purpose of making a low carb meatloaf but I didn't have enough time to research another side option.  This side was a favorite of ours from when we used to participate in a monthly frozen food exchange so it was easy at the last minute.

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