February 13, 2014

New Cereal Option

I found this recipe for Grain Free Hot Cereal on my favorite food blog these days. I have made it twice and both times found it surprisingly good. It looks scary, at least to someone new to these ingredients! The only con to it is that it does not stay warm very long and I do not like it as much once it cools so I have to eat it quickly. I took a few pics so you could share in the scary.

This is of the initial ingredients mixed together - chia seeds, ground flax meal and Swerve.

And here it is after mixing in the hot water and letting it sit. The chia seeds get gelatinous which means they are kind of slimy.

Here is how it looks after I add heavy cream and a few pecans. I am looking forward to adding berries when they are back in season.

There are 18 grams of fiber in this so it is a very filling breakfast despite how quickly it goes down the hatch!

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    Swerve is a brand of erythritol (a naturally based sugar substitute that does not raise blood glucose). It is expensive ($12/lb) but the best in the business, especially for baking. I signed up for their email newsletter which includes coupons each month. This month it was a buy 1 get 1 free! I am able to find it at Whole Foods but it is also available on Amazon and on the manufacturer website posted above.