February 07, 2011

2 Year Subscription to Parenting the Early Years for 2 Bucks

We love Amazon Mom which allows us to save 30% on Amazon's already discounted diaper prices using the Subscribe and save feature. Which we then cancel after we recieve the product. What we love more is the ability to stack coupons with the discount. Almost monthly there is an Amazon Diaper coupon in magazines like Parenting and Parenting the Early Years for 20% off diapers at And the kicker is that if you have coupons starting with different letters they too can be stacked together for even more savings. Right now the two codes that are circulating start with "YT" and "YJ". So if you get one of each you combine them on the same purchase on top of the 30% off discount from being an Amazon Mom.

So today I found out that I could get a 2 year subscription to Parenting the Early Years for 2 bucks. So of course I order a couple more subscriptions just for the coupons.

You too can save big by clicking on this link and using the code "TOUCHDOWN" to save $3 off the $5 deal price.

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