February 22, 2011

OYtamOL: Week 8

It's Week 8 of the One Year to a {more} Organized Life challenge at Unsolicited Advice which has us evaluating our routines this week - what's working, what's not. 

I kind of get a chuckle from this because just last night (before I read this week's post) I was coming to the conclusion that I've got a lot of "not working" right now!  In fact, I actually started a new (hopefully) habit today of getting up before my 8 month old daughter.   Considering how little sleep I get that is a hard pill to swallow but I honestly think it is the only way to bring some balance back for me.  I need some time to myself in the morning.  I work full-time and I need to look presentable when I show up to work everyday.  I need to actually put on make-up.  I need to do some things for me before my day becomes all about what I can do for everyone else.  And, most importantly, I desperately need to get back into some kind of routine with God.  That relationship, my most important relationship, needs more attention...who am I kidding?  It needs attention is not getting any!  So, I am working on a new morning routine.

I'm also re-evaluating how many irons I have in the fire, so to speak.  What things have I committed to either externally or internally and which of them are keepers and which of them need to be cut?  That is the question!  I'm not sure yet but I know that I have too much going on right now.  I'm thrilled to be part of a new (literally just starting) ministry at church but it requires some time and I don't have much of that so I really need to re-evaluate how I spend my time currently and what I can do to make sure I am allowing time for this new adventure.

I'm still working on developing routines in general so that will be something I think about more this week as well.  I'm not too worried if I'm not perfectly in synch with everyone else - the fact that I am working on anything related to organization in itself is a "win"!


  1. Sounds like good progress. I've heard a lot of great things about getting up before kids to have quiet time for yourself (or prayer), I hope that turns out to be a blessing for you!

  2. Progress not perfection... that's what I keep telling myself. :P

    You are brave for getting up before your little one.