November 16, 2010

FLYing projects - beware!

Here are a couple of FLYing projects I am working on - truth be told I've been working on them for weeks and haven't made much progress but I thought if I blogged about them it might help me get embarrassed motivated enough to work on them again!

So, here is a corner of my kitchen.  Can you see why I need help????  I am a hopeless clutter-holic!  I hate clutter yet I cannot seem to keep it out of my home and often I am as much the culprit as Mark.  I should add that Olivia's things also seem to be contributing heavily towards the clutter ratio as well.

And here is a cabinet where we store Buddy's stuff (our dog).
 And the top of the cabinet where all sorts of stuff seems to gravitate.

The only thing I've made progress on so far is the inside of the cabinet - below is the AFTER photo.  I'm going to make it my goal to post an updated photo of the other areas by the end of the month.....stay tuned!

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