November 03, 2010

New Adventure: Baby Food!

I was so excited to see these baby food freezer trays on my doorstep today!  I bought some sweet potatoes earlier in the week and have been dying to try my hand at making my own baby food.  So far I've tried Gerber rice cereal and mashed avocado with Olivia and she has not seemed too impressed with either.  I am hoping that sweet potatoes will have a better reception. 

I have been reading books and online articles for weeks about making your own baby food and decided it was something I'd like to do.  I had a rather devastating failure with breastfeeding so I feel strongly about making the time investment to do this for my daughter.  I don't have anything against jarred food and I'm sure we will use it occasionally so don't be offended!

So tonight while I was getting Olivia to bed Mark was baking the sweet potatoes in the oven.  When I came downstairs they were ready to be peeled and pureed.  I used our KitchenAid mixer and then pushed the sweet potatoes through a mesh screen colander to make sure all the fibrous strands were removed.  It was a little more work than I thought but I ended up with 32 squares of sweet potatoes which will last a LONG time at the rate she is going!

Here is one of my trays - a little messy but fun!


  1. Let me know how those particular trays work for you. I am making my own babyfood as well (well, I will come come the 6 month mark on Thanksgiving.

  2. Yea we have to try baby food once a week. Rose doesn't eat anything yet. But a lactation consultant actually told me one way of getting them used to the spoon is to let them play with it (since they stick everything in their mouths now) but watch her play with it so she doesn't shove it in her throat

  3. I think I can now officially say that I really like these freezer trays. I have used them for sweet potatoes and peas now and both times they were easy to get the cubes out of and to clean up.