November 07, 2010

How's it FLYing?

It has now been several weeks or more since I began intentionally trying to create new routines and patterns of doing things in order to keep my home from imploding!  Some new things are working and some are not.  In fact I learned one day last week that sometimes you just have to leave your house in shambles and not worry about it because you did the best you could. 

New routine #1: 
I wanted to experiment with making a weekly calendar for household chores, appointment reminders, etc.  The format and items included have evolved several times over but I think I am finally happy with the version I am trying out for next week.  Essentially it's just a table created in Microsoft Word that lists all the appointments for the week, the household chores that are needed (a rolling list so if something doesn't get done I just carry it over to make sure I don't forget) and a place to write my dinner plans in so I know what to thaw/buy at the grocery store.  I also make notes of any special household projects I want to tackle.

New routine #2: 
Doing a load of laundry a day is working well.  I no longer find myself with multiple loads of laundry to do over the weekend which is wonderful.  The folding is another thing though.  My goal is to wash and fold one load per day but on occasion the folding gets put off til the next day.  This week that happened a few times and tonight I realized I had three loads to fold.  It took a long time - waaah!

New routine #3:
Meal planning is the "November Focus" on and it came at a perfect time.  I had just gotten to the point where it was either start meal planning or start working two jobs to eat out all the time!  Last week I made a complete plan for dinners for the whole week AND put the needed items on the grocery list BEFORE we went to the store.  That might be the first time that has happened in 3.5 years of marriage!  It felt really good to have a plan and work my plan so I will continue to work on this.

New routine #4:
Using my time wisely is working though it does make me resentful at times so I know I need to find a balance.  What I mostly mean when I say "using my time wisely" is that I don't spend time watching TV regularly anymore.  I used to be a huge TV watcher, huge.  I easily spent 10 or more hours per week watching TV shows.  I do still watch TV but it is probably more like 3 hours a week and rarely on the same day the show airs.  Instead I now take every opportunity to get my "To Do" list done.  The downside to this is that I am very unbalanced right now in "taking care of myself".  I need to work on finding the balance but overall I am happy with my progress in this area.

On my next FLYing update I hope to post some pictures that just might make your hair curl!

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  1. Ok, so I haven't been FLYing so well. I didn't even do step one yet, lol. But I researched how to properly clean a stainless steel sink. I bought supplies to keep in each bathroom instead of the central cleaning area, thereby making it more convenient to clean. I have been attacking the kitchen sink every day as soon as I walk in from work. I am trying. I have no work Thursday so maybe I can get a game plan then.