November 18, 2010

Organizational Tools

I want to share some things I've been finding online to help me get my home/personal life better organized.  I have just recently come across these materials so I cannot yet comment on how user friendly or useful I find them but I plan to post in the future and share my thoughts on them.  I just love sweet folks I only encounter online who create these routines and forms and then make them available for free.  I believe that is an example of focusing on your gifts and sharing them with others.
  • is helping me to build routines into my daily life that keep my house going (we have also decided to hire someone to help clean our home until we get it under control and I can manage it myself again!).  I am signed up for her daily digest email which contains all of the emails for the day in one.  The emails include basic plans for each day, special challenges and testimonials.
  • Awesome free printables for planning everything from Christmas gifts to weekly menus to instructions for babysitters to birthday lists and on and on
  • Free Thanksgiving Your Way 2010 eBook which contains recipes, traditions, craft projects, decorating suggestions and has links to free printable planning sheets at the end
  • Free Christmas Your Way eBook which contains tips for organizing and simplifying Christmas with links to free printables planning sheets at the end 
And, lastly a resource that is not free but that I have purchased and am exploring - Organizing life as Mom eBook.  I found this about a week before I stumbled onto all these freebies.  Had I found those first I doubt I would have paid the $9 for the eBook.  However, I am glad it worked out that way because this resource has more written content and the printable forms are actually modifiable so that you can change them to fit you and your family specfically so in the end I may find that this was the best find of all. Stay tuned!

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