January 06, 2011

5 Transactions....

That's right - FIVE transactions!  That is the number of separate register visits I made today at CVS.  I've never done a trip that big before.  It took a lot of planning ahead, coupon clipping, organization and TIME but wow, I got alot of high dollar stuff!  Here's a photo and below is the breakdown.

#1  Bought 4 packages of Excedrin and 1 GE Energy Smart lightbulb - had $15 in manufacturer coupons, spent $12, got $12 back in Extra Care Bucks (ECB).

#2 Bought 2 packages of Prilosec 42 ct. - had $3 in manufacturer coupons and $12.50 in ECB, spent $38, got back $14 in ECB (will submit a rebate request for $25 so total spent will end up being $13).

#3 Bought 3 L'Oreal Everpure shampoos and 2 conditioners - had $3 in manufacturer coupons, a $4 off $20 CVS coupon and $14 in ECB, spent $11, got back $10 in ECB.

#4 Bought 4 Reach toothbrush 2 packs - had $2 in manufacturer coupons and $10 in ECB, spent $0.93 (tax) and got back $5 in ECB.

#5 Used my $5 in ECB to buy a few items for fun.

Total spent $39.95 (after rebate mentioned in #2), total ECB earned and spent in this trip $50.50

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