January 29, 2011

Project Life is here!

Here I am hugging my Project Life box!  I don't think I've been this excited in a while about a package.  I'm such a nerd really....that's all it boils down to!

Well, as you can imagine I tore into the package like a dog on bacon and pulled everything out.  I started setting my binder up - put the page protectors in and then started putting the monthly divider tabs in and that's as far as I got because Real Life started crying to go to bed (that would be my sweet Olivia)!

So, you'll have to stay tuned for more details but I will leave you with this shot of my page protectors and the dividers.  Aren't they pretty?!


  1. Very pretty! Can't wait to see what it looks like when done!

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Sorry, but what is a 'Project Life' package/box?

  3. Jane: It's a scrapbooking sort of thing - if you google it you'll get to the website!