January 14, 2011

Bible Reading for Slackers and Shirkers

As a new mom I am totally immersed in all things Olivia.  Seriously, if you read my blog then you know that I don't even have time to pluck the weird hairs out of my chin or take a shower so the thought of actually reading the Bible is waaay out there for me right now.  But reading THIS today really ministered to me and took a load off my chest.  I will try again. 

1 comment:

  1. Busy moms need strategies to get "God time" in. When you are walking the baby to sleep or outside in the stroller, you can use that for prayer time. How about Christian tv, CD's or radio to get the Word in that way? God doesn't mind some creative thinking to stay close to Him...He is on your mind, and you are definitely on HIS mind. He's crazy about you! Enjoy God's gift to you. Baby-hood flies by quickly.