January 14, 2011

Kite Update

Recently I came across a very good deal on Amazon that I posted about a Prism Quantum Stunt kite which is one Prism's basic to intermediate two line stunt kites. I actually already own one of these kites but since I had some recent birthday money I decided to go ahead and get another one in a new color style that I really like called Spectrum. This is a great kite and really fun to fly because it has a lot of pull so you really feel the kite.

So why do I ever need more than one of the same kite? Well because one of the really fun things to do with kites is to stack them. Stacking is when you take multiple kites and connect them together on top of each other by two short even lengths of spectra line attached to the center of the 2 leading edges of the lower kite to the flying lines of the upper kite. A process which is repeated for each kite you wish to add to the stack. This allows one person to fly all of the kites in tandem by simply controlling the flying lines of the bottom most kite in the stack. It can be a very beautiful and amazing thing to watch. Some people have stacked as many as 25 or 30 kites. Personally, the most I have flown is a 5 stack with my Prism Microns. This stack kite set is super fast and does require some very quick reaction times but it is a real blast to fly. Since the Quantum kite can have quite a bit of pull I would probably only want to at most stack 3 of them but I am sure someone has probably done more.

When Olivia gets older say 4 or 5 I am hoping she is going to want to fly kites with me but at that age she will not quite be ready for stunt kites so a single line kite will be more in line for her to start off with. Fortunately Prism, my favorite kite company, also has a product line of single line kites too. Some of these kites are designed so that they can be easily stowed away in a book bag, luggage, car or wherever. Their newest addition to this stowaway single line kite design is the Delta Kite. Right now Amazon has the Delta kites available ranging from about $20 to $34 depending on the color scheme you chose. That $20 price is great and lucky for Olivia and I the $20 one is in the Spectrum color scheme just like my new Quantum Stunt kite. So it didn't take much convincing myself to use bit more of my birthday money to go ahead and buy Olivia one of the new Prism Delta Stowaway kites in the Spectrum color scheme. In the meantime until Olivia is old enough to fly it herself I will now have 3 Prism Stowaway kites in my quiver, 2 Diamond and 1 Delta design, which is a perfect number to match the number of cars we have in our family. So no matter what vehicle I am driving, if I am out and I get somewhere with some good wind and open land I will always have a kite on hand to fly.

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