January 21, 2011

OYtamOL: Wk3 Brainstorming for the Rough Draft

So, here we are on Week 3 of the One Year to a {more} Organized Life challenge and what a week it has been.  Both my husband and I have been sick so productivity has been at an all time low in our house. This week's assignment was to start brainstorming about things that need to be done weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly - anything that came to mind during the week - and put it on the list (another worksheet made available by Brenda, our fearless leader).

As usual I feel the need to share yet another embarrassing glimpse into our lives.  This week I completely ran out of clean clothes for my sweet baby girl which prompted me to realize that the laundry basket of "have stains that need to be treated" clothes had piled up quite a bit.  In fact, it had been piling up for about two weeks.  The basket included bibs/clothes with baby food stains, clothes that had experienced biological stains (that's a nice way of saying they had poop on them!) and those mysterious little baggies sent home from daycare when there was some type of soiling.  I assumed that the majority of the basket were items with food stains but guess what - I was wrong.  So that brings us to talking about why you should NEVER let stained baby clothes sit for more than a day. 

I started delving into this basket while sick.  I had taken a day off of work due to illness when I realized that I had no clean clothes for the baby so I had no choice but to figure out what to do about this basket of stuff in between naps.  As I began digging into it I realized there were A LOT of poop-stained clothes and {gasp} a number of them with chunks of poop still attached....ewww, GROSS!  Getting to the bottom of the basket was disgusting to say the least but worst of all was the fact that several really nice items had developed mold which I cannot seem to get out despite trying multiple stain removers.  If you know anything that will get it out please let me know!  So, this is how I figured out that I needed to add "clean all stained baby clothes" to the DAILY list!!!  Why must I learn everything the hard way?

Now, with that being revealed I have to say other than this gi-normous discovery the other major discovery I made while doing this week's assignment was that I am actually pretty good at getting things done for EVERYONE else in the house but I am getting very little done for myself and dang it, I'm important too, right? So, my rough draft is of things that I need to remember to do for myself.

So far I have:
Daily:  time with God, reading for pleasure
Weekly:  SHOWERS!  several.....need I say more?, also plan needed errands for week and work on meal planning which makes my life easier as well as everyone else's
Monthly: eyebrow maintenance
Every two months:  haircolor
Quarterly:  haircut
Twice a year:  dental cleanings
Yearly:  physical

I am sure I will think of more items but this is what I have for starters.


  1. I identify with the personal needs. Those made it to my list too. I also went out and got some hair color. I'm tired of this 3' in dark chunk where the blond has grown out.

    And just so you don't feel too bad. I tried to use cloth diapers when my sn (now two) was a tiny baby. I quickly decided I was not disciplined enough to wash diapers everyday, so I switched back to disposable. Two months later, I kept trying to figure out what that strange smell was everytime I neared the laundry room. One day, as I was finally getting around to washing a pile of blankets, I found the diaper pail underneath the pile with 4 diapers still in there. They were growing mold and housing a nice large colony of maggots. Yeah, I threw them away. $60 down the drain, all because I did not wash them right away.

  2. Wow. Sorry about all the typos. I had a two year old climbing all over me as I typed that out.

  3. Ooh, I like the idea of a schedule for personal care! Good for you!